The TO-INN newsletter

Our news section is now offering you the chance to read TO-INN’s first two newsletters, which the project members received via email, by subscribing to networks like to DIM-EDULIST, RILME and RINACE, and through social media.

  • The first newsletter, published in June 2017, announced the start of the project and described the kick-off meeting in Barcelona in March 2017: the point of departure where all the project members could meet face-to-face to decide on the foundations for progressing in research and in managing the overall project.
  • The second newsletter of the project, which was published in April of this year, reported on the meeting that the consortium in its entirety (two representatives of each of the 22 institutions that make it up) had held in Buenos Aires, focused on the social dimension of Education. The event was hosted by the Argentine universities UNIPE (National Pedagogical University) and UNSAM (National University of San Martín).
  • The third newsletter will soon be published, reporting on the development of the regional meeting of Latin American partners in Bogotá, where a training course for 25-hour trainers was held, which received members from all the Latin American institutions of the consortium as well as some associated TWIN institutions.