The European Commission’s flagship publication: The Education and Training Monitor

Recently, the European Commission has published the most important annual report on education and training among the member countries. Through an international comparative analysis based on the detailed reports of each country, the Monitor of Education and Training promotes dialogue on priority issues for education and training.

Among these issues, the protagonist of this year has been inequality . Whether addressing the intergenerational school failure or the difficulties faced by low-skilled immigrants, the reports have focused on analyzing how EU Member States use education and training in different ways to achieve equality in their societies.

With this objective in mind, the Education and Training Monitor collects Eurostat data, OECD studies and surveys and the analysis of Eurydice network education systems. The Monitor is the source of reliable and up-to-date information for learning among the 28 EU Member States among which are 5 countries with participation in the To Inn project : Spain, England, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal. Therefore, we share the direct link to your reports as well as some of your most relevant infographics: