Teaching Innovation

TO-INN aims to improve the quality, innovative initiative and pertinence of HE teacher education in critical areas that are common to all the institutions in the project, and to strengthen the social dimension of that education through an Interuniversity Actions Plan. With the Plan, we expect to influence the efficacy and efficiency of those institutions’ education systems in a way that benefits their country at a more general level.

One of the basic axes of the project involves establishing the teaching innovation plans that each university uses to optimize the learning of new teaching knowledge, skills and attitudes.

From the moment we require competent citizens to meet the new challenges of our society, it makes sense to give greater attention to the training models and teaching modes, methodologies and strategies used by university institutions dedicated to teacher education.

From this perspective, teacher educators should find innovative ways to integrate key competences and improve the social pertinence of curricula so that their internal structure, modus operandi and results correspond to both the students’ learning needs and the interests and demands of the social, cultural and economic environments in which they will live and work.