The project From Tradition to Innovation in Teacher Training Institutions, TO-INN, is led by Dr Alejandra Montané López and the research group Formació Docent i Innovació Pedagògica (Teacher Education and Teaching Innovation, FODIP) of the Faculty of Education of the Universitat de Barcelona. Funded under the EU’s Erasmus+ programme in its provision for higher education capacity-building projects during the period 2016–2019 (specifically, in Key Action 2 – “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices), TO-INN is the receipient of a grant award of €799.574.

Our Cooperation Network

Formed by 20 HE institutions and one training centre from a total of seven Latin American countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico and Paraguay) and four EU member states (Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain), the TO-INN project is made possible by the broad-ranging charcater of its geographic and academic resource pool.

Our areas of concern

  1. To increase the coverage (reach in society) and overall quality of the HE institutions in the project.
  2. To facilitate access for students from less-favoured social sectors and and increase the retention rates for these students.
  3. To make course offerings more pertinent (i.e., socially committed) and improve the quality of the offerings.
  4. To attend to the teaching community’s teaching and training needs.

Our approach

TO-INN adopts a systemic approach to promote quality in universities where future teachers are educated and to strengthen the social dimension, curricular pertinence and teaching innovation by helping all the university community to impact together on institutional governance and policies.
Specifically, the dimensions are structured in the following axes: culture, citizenship and participation, social cohesion, and digital culture.

Kick-Off Meeting

March 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2017

A graphic recording of the subjects discussed at TO-INN’s first meetings, which took place at the Faculty of Education of the Universitat de Barcelona.